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An organization made up of honest and decent registered voters who are working to clean up the political system of bribery and corruption that eventually leads to  tyranny, treason and a one world totalitarian socialist or communist government! 


Do not be influenced by the phony pollsters, nor the media, who declare who the only front runners that can win” are.


These early, well financed, Front Runners” that the establishment have chosen for us are the bought and paid for candidates who will again become the problem and not the solution to the problem, because they will not represent us, nor will they uphold their oath of office to uphold the Constitution, nor do what is the right thing to do!


 Register to vote, get your friends, family members and as many others, as possible, to also register to vote and learn about all of the candidates of all of the different political parties.  



Do not let them tell you: that thesecandidates cannot win” or that you will be "throwing your vote away!”



To join "Voters Against Corruption And Tyranny”, you must be registered to vote, pledge to uphold the United States Constitution, support the principles that were established by our founding fathers and work to defeat the corrupt politicians who are controlled by the big money special interests and lobbyists.


In other words, you must change your voting habits and STOP voting for the so-called front runners” that are picked for us!


If you cannot afford to join at this time, you may share this information with whom ever you like, free of charge, by clicking on to our website and to the other links to the many other very informative websites, including, my other websites:








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Voters Against Corruption And Tyranny


Voters Against Conspiracy And Treason


Voters Against Conspiracy And Tyranny


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Early in 2014, we will make our big

 decision for the future of our free

 constitutional republic for our children and our

 grandchildren to live under slavery or freedom!

By Elliott Graham, Founder, Chairman and Webmaster of V.A.C.A.T.


  President Barack Obama is not the only radical socialist in the Democrat party, because most of the Democrats are as far to the left as he is and therefore the Democratic party is no longer Democratic.  Instead it has been heavily infiltrated by extreme radical Marxists who will convert the USA into a communist form of a police state that is very similar to that of the old Soviet Union!  All President Obama and his fellow Democrats need is a majority of Demonrats in the House of Representatives and in the United States Senate!

  The only way that we can save America from Obama Care, Bankruptcy, Loss of our Freedom (including gun confiscation) and the ability to override Presidential vetoes or to have the ability to impeach is to get a two thirds majority of real (constitutional) Republicans in both houses of Congress!

  This means that we absolutely must defeat as many Democrats as possible as well as the bad Republican RINOs and neo-cons who too often vote with their Democrat friends.

  The bad Republicans must be defeated in the Primary Elections and replaced with true constitutionalists who will restore our constitutional form of government as well as having the ability to defeat their Democrat opponents in the General Election!

The good candidates must win in the Primary Elections because without a decent choice for the November General Election we will again lose.

   If we fail to win in BOTH the Primary and the General Elections, then we may lose everything forever and never ever get it all back!Please come back to this website, before you cast your most important vote during the 2014 Primary Elections as if it were a matter of life or death because it will become a matter of life or death of our free constitutional republic for all of us!

   Many voters start voting as early as 30 days before the election by voting by mailed in absentee ballots, therefore if the Primary Elections take place in February of 2014 then they really begin in January of 2014!   I do not recommend absentee voting by mail or by using any “Touch Screens” to vote as this makes it much more difficult to catch cheaters who vote more than once!



   If you do get an absentee (by mail) ballot in the mail, my recommendation is to not put it in the mail and instead take it to your polling place on Election Day or have a close relative like a spouse or sibling deliver it for you at the polling place.


   When voting at your local polling place, be sure to vote early in the morning, like the first thing that you do that day.  I do not want to see anyone miss out on voting due to any unexpected delays such as accidents or other emergencies!


   Write down: Election Day, time to VOTE in your appointment book or calendar, so that you do not forget! 

 This will be an election that is much too important to miss as everything in our future will be at stake!



    If we don’t win because too many idiots did not vote in the primary or wasted their vote by voting for minor party candidates that can’t possibly win or to vote for the wrong candidates of the wrong party then; we can lose everything that our forefathers gave us and everything that our service veterans died for!

      This will be the Election of the Century and it’s do or die in 2014!




 A U.S. Senator's Speech about the

fact that MOST of our Senators do

not READ the Bills before voting!


Happy New Year 2014


Here is my suggestion for a New Year's Resolution

to help to save our Constitutional Republic.


Dear fellow Constitutionists:

  • This is the most important New Year's Resolution that all free citizens who want to save America and our individual freedom should make:
    • "I promise to spread the word to get everyone who opposes socialism, communism, treason and corruption to register to vote, become an informed voter, contribute, support and volunteer to nominate and elect the best candidates for public office in every branch of government in both the Primary and General Elections (early on) and to plan ahead and to make sure that there is a candidate worthy of our vote in every district in our state and to inform as many voters as possible about the important issues needed for our survival and to start doing this today!"
      • Happy New Year 2014!
      • <
        • Sincerely yours for the preservation of our Constitutional Republic

           Elliott Graham






before we lose everything in 2014!



Thank goodness that we held on to our Republican Majority in the U.S. House of Representatives! 


Without this, President Obama and the Democrats would have the absolute power to pass legislation that would take away all          of our freedom and turn our country into "The Soviet Socialist States of America"! 


Because of this fact, the 2014 Congressional Elections, both in the Primary and in the General Elections will become the most crucial

election in the history of the United States of America.


We absolutely must elect a Republican Majority in both houses of Congress!  All 435 members of the House of Representatives and one third of the U.S. Senate will be up for re-election!    This is the last chance to save America because a Democrat majority in both houses will absolutely destroy the freedom that our armed forces fought and died for to protect and America as we know it will no longer exist!


Please read everything on this website, so that

we can start organizing now to save America!



“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil

 is for all good men (and women) to do nothing”

To not vote is doing nothing and

it helps the other side to win!

Instead we all absolutely must do everything possible to save our constitutional republic.   This means to donate money to worthy candidates, volunteer by telephoning or walking precincts, passing out campaign literature and all the things that are necessary for our side to win and defeat the enemies who are working to destroy our freedom, success and pursuit of happiness.

If we don’t ask yourself: “Where can you go if they destroy this country?” while thinking about all of the refugees from dictatorship countries who have entered our country for political asylum or refuge.

By not opposing the enemy at the ballot box the following may happen:  Door to door searches to confiscate guns, gold, silver, vehicles and other important items that are necessary to our very survival and our freedom! 

Would it not be a terrible nightmare to wake up in our own country and experience the same result as if we had moved to North Korea or Cuba?

If you miss out on voting in both the primary and the general elections do not cry about losing because it was your fault after you have been warned and do not think that it cannot happen here!




Please support these outstanding Constitutional Statesmen:

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly is running for Governor of California

Please send an early contribution this month in 2014

Before the Republican Establishment recruits another “Limousine Liberal” “Sugar Daddy” or “Sugar Mommy” like they did to Assemblyman Chuck Devore when they recruited Carly Farina!

If we procrastinate, then the Republican Establishment will say that: “our candidate does not have enough money to win and that we must get a candidate who does have a lot of money!”

Therefore, we must prove them wrong now and give him the most generous contribution now or as soon as possible and let them know that we will not support anyone else for Governor in 2014!

Because of this urgency Tim Donnelly is the first candidate that we are endorsing now!     The rest will come later.

Please make your check out to: Tim Donnelly for Governor 2014 along with your letter saying that you endorse Tim Donnelly for Governor in 2014 and list your occupation and employer.

Mail in this today to:

Tim Donnelly for Governor 2014

Suite 240

5850 Oberlin Drive

San Diego, CA 92121

Please visit Tim Donnelly's website:


Print out a Donnelly Contribution Form:



2014 is also a great year to vote

because we now have the best

candidates to vote for in the primary!

By Elliott Graham, Founder and Chairman of V.A.C.A.T. and

former Vice President of the California Republican Assembly.


At the recent 2014 State Convention of the California State Assembly, we endorsed the best candidates that we have ever had for office in California!

Besides endorsing Assemblyman Tim Donnelly for Governor, we endorsed Paul Tanaka for Sheriff of Los Angeles County who received the unanimous vote of all the Delegates present.

Paul Tanaka retired as the Under Sheriff (2nd in Command) of the L.A.S.D. and he not only the best qualified candidate for this job, but he is also the most conservative and highly principled constitutionalist candidate as well!

He is the Republican Mayor of Gardena, a C.P.A. and he upholds his oath of office to uphold our U.S. Constitution and when asked about issuing pistol permits to those who feel a need for personal protection, he said yes.

Both of these candidates are truly the very best that we have ever had here in California!

Please visit his website at: www.paultanaka.com and send him a contribution today and list

your occupation and employer.


Mail in your contribution to:

Paul Tanaka for Sheriff 2014

525 East Seaside Lane, Suite 101-C

Long Beach, CA 90802


Good News for California Republicans

By Elliott Graham, Chairman of V.A.C.A.T.


In California’s 8th Congressional District, voters now have a choice between keeping their moderate-liberal compromise incumbent U.S. Representative Paul Cook who too often votes with his Democrat colleagues or to trade him in for a real constitutional conservative candidate just like they did in Utah when voters chose now Senator Mike Lee over incumbent Senator Bennett.

This outstanding congressional candidate, who I know personally, is Paul Hannosh and I know that here, we indeed have the opportunity to elect a new U.S. Representative who would get a perfect 100% score in the Freedom Index of The New American magazine just like Representative Tom McClintock does.

Why settle for an unnecessary compromise representative when we can do a whole lot better and I believe that in this safe Republican 8th District where Paul Hannosh will win just as surely as would Paul Cook, if we give him your vote on June 3rd, 2014.


To learn more about Paul Hannosh, please see his website at:



First in a Century Special Election

that can save our City from Bankruptcy!

By Elliott Graham, former School Board Candidate

In 1973, I was a candidate for the Glendale Board of Education who told the Glendale Teachers Association (union) that “I did not want their endorsement because I am running to represent the parents, the taxpayers and the homeowners, instead of the union”, which was 41 years ago!

In that election, just like every odd numbered year since then, our city has been controlled by the public employee unions because we have had low voter turnouts of as little as 15% were the parents, the taxpayers and the home owners do not vote, thereby resulting to a majority of union voters.

This year, 2014, will be the first election, since I have lived in Glendale, where we will have a Special Election on an even numbered year when there will be a higher turnout of voters as is the case when we elect a Governor or a President, Congress and members of the Legislature.

There is one candidate, who ran last year and who is willing to run again this year to clean up the corruption of the public employee unions and other special interests such as the developers and contractors who are overbuilding many apartments without sufficient parking spaces and causing overcrowding and traffic jams!

This very honest and highly principled candidate for the Glendale City Council is Mike Mohill.

Please do not pass up this only special election opportunity to elect Mike Mohill, the one and only candidate that will work to save our city from bankruptcy!

To learn more about Mike Mohill and corruption in Glendale, please go to:




After doing this, please return back to this website to see a list of

more excellent constitutional statesmen that deserve our support.


There are 5 outstanding highly principled Constitutional Patriots

running for the United States Senate that now have the

endorsement of the Senate Conservatives Fund.

Their names appear below under the Senate Conservatives Fund.

and we can recommend another five as well! (Total of ten)


You are invited to attend a six part lecture series on

The United States Constitution entitled:

“The Constitution is the Solution”

(A Presentation of The John Birch Society)

and many other DVD Video Presentations about threats

and solutions towards restoring our constitutional freedom.


Every Tuesday Evening starting January 7th, 2014.


6:40PM – Meet, Greet and Get a Seat

7:00PM – Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance

7:05PM – Introduction and Presentation


Location: Community Room

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Station

4554 Briggs Avenue

La Crescenta, California


Admission is free and open to the public.


For more information or to R.S.V.P.

Call Elliott Graham at (818) 247-5147




It’s too bad that Virginia did not have a Proposition 14!

 If Virginia had a new voting law like California now has, with Proposition 14 that only allows a vote between the two highest vote getters in their November General Election, then the outcome of this election would have been entirely different, resulting in a large victory for Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, the excellent conservative Republican constitutionalist nominee for Governor.

The number one main reason why he lost to Terry McAuliffe was because the third candidate, Robert Sarvis, a Libertarian, was the spoiler who split votes away from Ken Cuccinelli.

To make this happen a couple of limousine "liberal" billionaires contributed many thousands of dollars into the Libertarian Nominees campaign in order to increase his percentage of the vote.

The simple math proves that this was the main reason why Virginia elected a Democrat instead of a Republican Governor.

Do not believe the spin that the slanted news media puts on this, when they say that: the Republican was too conservative or that the Tea Party hurt him.   That was not the reason at all!

The very fact that the Libertarian Candidate received 6.5% of the vote proves that this was the real reason that the Republican lost and that if Virginia had the same election law that California now has, Ken Cuccinelli would have won by a bigger margin than that of Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

Now is the time for all of the minor party voters to re-register to vote in a major party that can win instead of wasting their vote in a party that cannot ever win and if all those who belong to the Conservative, Libertarian, Constitution and American Independent Parties would become Republicans and vote in the Republican Primaries, we would be electing many more limited government constitutional statesmen like U.S. Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee!


If you are tired of having to vote for the lesser evil 

instead of having more limited government

constitutional statesmen like U.S. Senators

 Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee!

See who these organizations recommend before the primary elections:



Senate Conservatives Fund 

National Processing Center

P. O. Box 131568

Houston, TX 77219-9959

The Senate Conservatives Fund endorses and supports:

Ben Sasse in Nebraska, Matt Bevin in Kentucky, Chris McDaniel in Mississippi,

 Milton Wolf in Kansas and Rob Maness in Louisiana.

We are adding five more, totalling ten or eleven if Palin runs.

In addition to these candidates, the Tea Party Leadership Fund is also endorsing

 Nancy Mace in South Carolina and U.S. Representative Paul Broun in Georgia.

In addition to the candidates listed above, I am endorsing

Dr. Annette Bosworth in South Dakota and Julianne Ortman in Minnesota,

Let us elect more Senators like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. 



House Conservatives Fund

P. O. Box 627

Forest, VA 24551-0627


Conservative Majority Fund

2776 S. Arlington Mill Drive, #806

Arlington, VA 22206


Tea Party Patriots

P. O. Box 1205

Merrifield , VA 22116-1205

Tea Party Express supports Owen Hill in Colorado and Steve Dains in Montana 


 The Tea Party Leadership Fund supports:


Owen Hill in Colorado and Steve Dains in Montana 



The Club for Growth

2001 L Street NW, Suite 600

Washington, DC 20036


The Club for Growth PAC supports

Tom Cotton in Arkansas and


 Chris McDaniel in Mississippi



400 N. Capitol St. NW, Suite 765

Washington, DC 20001


 Plus these  candidates by VACAT



Do NOT contribute anything to the Republican Party

Nor anything to their Congressional or Senatorial Committees.

If they ask for a donation, tell them that

you only contribute directly to constitutional conservative candidates.








Best Conservative Constitutionist

United States Senate Candidates


Arkansas - Tom Cotton

Colorado - Sen. Owen Hill

Georgia - Representative Paul Brown

Kansas – Milton Wolf

Kentucky – Matt Bevin

Louisiana – Col. Rob Maness

Michigan - Terri Lynn Land

Minnesota - Sen. Julianne Ortman

Mississippi – Chris McDaniel

Montana - Steve Daines


South Carolina – Nancy Mace

 Nebraska – Ben Sasse 


South Dakota – Dr. Annette Bosworth





WARNING – Beware of the latest plot

 to destroy our U.S. Constitution!

   Watch out for the “Compact for America” which is the latest plot to trigger a Constitutional Convention and rush this through this year in 2013!

   They are planning to do this on the 4th of July (Independence Day) in Dallas, Texas so that they can have their “Balanced Budget Amendment” which I call the “The Excuse to Raise our Taxes Amendment”!

   Although, this is designed to appeal to “Conservatives”, many “liberal” anti-gun Democrats who hate the Second Amendment may suddenly join in when they learn that a “Con-Con” cannot be limited to just one single issue and therefore remove several very important rights that are protected and guaranteed by our “Bill of Rights” such as our “Second Amendment”!

   Even the whole idea of a “Balanced Budget Amendment” is wrong because a budget can be balanced by raising our taxes to pay for their excessive spending!

   Instead of calling for a “Balanced Budget Amendment”, they should pass legislation that will make it illegal to spend money by borrowing funds that we do not have!

   To learn more, please read the article on pages 10 through 16 in the January 21st, 2013 issue of the “New American” and see our website: http://www.noconcon.com.

Sincerely yours for our Constitution,

Elliott Graham, Founder and Chairman

Constitutionalists United Against a Constitutional Convention



(What the biased left news media does not tell you.)

by Elliott Graham, Former President of A.P.R.A.


As we all know, the first step into gun prohibition is registration.  Registration is designed to provide the government with a list of gun owners, so that they can proceed into the second step, which is gun confiscation.

Instead of banning all guns outright, the government will call for you to register and license your personal firearms; thereby, converting your right into a government granted privilege.  If they do that, they will make it very difficult to obtain that license.

If a gun license is not granted to you, later the government will demand that you turn in your guns during a special amnesty period.  When the amnesty period expires, they will forcibly begin to confiscate your firearms!

If this happens, you will lose much more than just a “hobby!”  You will lose your freedom, your safety, your property and possibly your life!

Here is what has happened to the many foolish citizens who once put all of their trust in their own government throughout the world:

In 1911, Turkey imposed gun prohibitions and only four years later in 1915 the Turkish government killed one-and-a-half million disarmed Armenians!

In 1935, the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China banned firearms, and only a few years later (1948 to 1952), fifty million dissidents in both communist countries were murdered!  (The Communist Genocide was the biggest holocaust!)

In Germany, history repeated itself again.  They exterminated six million unarmed Jews and many other disarmed people, including Gypsies, “mixed bloods” and other so-called “undesirables”, as well as many Christian friends (who tried to save them) increasing that number to as high as 13 million!

In 1956, Cambodia established gun control, and again, only a few years later (from 1975 to 1977) the Cambodian government murdered a million of its own citizens!

In 1964, Guatemala began gun control.  In that very same year they began killing unarmed Mayan Indians in which more than 100,000 died by 1981.

In 1970, Uganda murdered 300,000 Indians and Christians from 1971 to 1979, beginning only one year after prohibiting personal firearms!

The formula is apparent:

 First, comes Registration,

Second, comes Licensing or Prohibition,

Third, comes Confiscation,

Fourth, comes Incarceration and

Fifth, comes Genocide!


And did you know that the new anti-gun legislation that is now introduced before Congress that requires background checks link the background checks with gun registration.   Background checks should ONLY be done if they do NOT include any mention of gun purchases and how come they do not require tests for mind altering drugs?

Statistics have already proven that the safest place to live is where there are very few restrictions on firearms and where most people are allowed to carry guns.

At the present time, the United States gun prohibitionists would like to give you one of these 3 choices:

a) the Hospital,              b) the Cemetery, or                 c) Prison!

Remember!   Our nation’s founding fathers warned us that:  “Those who do not learn from the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it!” 







  The original certificate that licenses me to possess and carry my gun
is safely guarded at our national archives in Washington, D.C.

  To locate this document, please ask to see to  see the Constitution of
the United States of America and read the Second Amendment where
it says: "The right of the people to keep (possess) and bear (carry)
arms (weapons) shall not be infringed (breached).

  This is proof that I do have a licence to possess and carry my guns
(concealed or not) throughout the United States of America.


 U.S. Representative Ron attracts big record breaking crowds of thousands. 

 Copy, paste and view link with pictures of these events:


Will GM (General Motors) become CM

(China Motors or Communist Motors) ?

To find out, copy this link and paste it into your browser:


It is too late to play games!

The only way to save our freedom is to take back the Republican Party!

By Elliott Graham who is now a Republican again!

I still remember when Senator Barry Goldwater won the nomination of the Republican Party and I want everyone to know how this was achieved.

When this happened in 1964, we did not have all of these minor splinter parties and therefore libertarians and members of minor parties such as the then American Party did not exist. Before there was that big exodus of dissatisfied and disenfranchised Republicans, most of these voters were registered to vote in the Republican Party.

In 1972, an excellent Republican Congressman John Ashbrook of Ohio who was very similar to that of Congressman Ron Paul in that he too had a perfect 100% principled pro-freedom voting record ran for President to oppose President Richard M. Nixon.

The main reason why John Ashbrook lost is because most of the former Goldwater supporters had already left the Republican Party.

After all, how could John Ashbrook win when most of those who would have supported him had abandoned the Republican Party and therefore could not vote in the very important Republican Primary Elections!

I know of a lot of Libertarian Party members who for many years have always dreamed about how nice it would be to elect a libertarian as President of the U.S.A. but who have failed to elect any libertarian candidate to any partisan office except for those libertarians who were smart enough to run within the Republican Party and won because they were registered Republicans.

U.S. Representatives Ron Paul of Texas and Jeff Flake of Arizona won several terms successfully in the House of Representatives and so did a popular two term Governor Gary Johnson of New Mexico.

They won because they were and are Republicans and would not have won if they ran as members of the Libertarian Party!

Therefore, it is now time for all of the Libertarian Party members, Constitution Party members, independent (declined to state) voters and others who are not registered to vote as Republicans to re-register as Republicans in order to cast that most important vote in the Republican Primary Elections and Caucuses!

Without that very important major party victory, such candidates as Ron Paul cannot and will not win!

But if we all vote for Ron Paul in the Republican Primary he will become the unstoppable winner who will win big by getting more votes outside of the Republican Party as well as by most Republicans!

Our Republican Nominee must also receive votes from independents, conservative Democrats and from the minor party voters including the Libertarian and Constitution Parties and the ONLY candidate that can defeat President Barack Husean Obama is the Nominee of the Republican Party Mitt Romney.  Therefore, do NOT waste your very important vote on a minor party candidate that will not ever win!

No member of Congress nor any partisan elective office is a member of a minor party and the ONLY parties that exist are the two major parties of which are either Republican or Democrat.

Dr. Ron Paul who was a former Libertarian Party Nominee for President will be sure to get votes from Libertarian Party voters as well as votes from the Constitution Party voters and also from voters from the American Party, the American Independent Party as well as most of the other minor parties and he would have WON the Republican Party Nomination if all independent and minor party voters had left these loser parties, registered to vote as a Republican and voted for Dr. Paul in the Republican Primary Elections and Caucuses.

Click on to this link and watch:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeWNlcR-5sY&feature=related



Would you vote for a politician

who would say this in a speech?


“I know what is best for you and I will make better choices for you than you can make, because I am much smarter than stupid idiots like you.

I also know that you will always vote for me over and over again, because you are more afraid to vote for a new candidate that you do not know and that you are too lazy to try to learn about who my opponent is.

You will also vote for me again because you believe that you will get a better result, because I keep improving as I gain more experience.

To get someone new means that you may be voting for another idiot just like yourself and the fact that incumbents like me always win because idiots like you still believe that you will get a better result than taking a chance on someone new who doesn’t have the experience that I have.”

Although politicians do not say this, it is probably what they are thinking!



Freedom isn't free!

We must buy our freedom by contributing to the

Constitutional Candidates whom we can

trust to protect our freedom!


Watch this video of a Christian Bishop

telling Christians why they should leave

 the Democrat Party:


To learn more, please go to: